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Metrics Drive Business

Reduce downtime, increase OEE and take control of your factory with our smart monitoring solution

Industrial Intelligence application dashboard showing the condition of the machine, the overall rate of return, the overall rate of return, the overall rate of return, the availability, the performance, the quality, the parts completed, and the causes of downtime with indicators of downtime with indicators of operating time and unplanned shutdowns.

The solution that connects the most factories in Quebec.

Top view of a factory showing the performance of TRUMPF Laser machines with an OEE of 62.9% and DMG Mori CNC machines with an OEE of 47.9% in the Industrial Intelligence application.
Causes of Downtime

Eliminate Downtime

Minimize losses by easily identifying costly causes of downtime.

Equipment monitoring

Monitor Your Factory in Real-Time

Monitor and react in real-time, wherever you are. Manage all your workstations at a glance to maximize your production.

Business intelligence

Analyze Production History

Refine decisions, eliminate bottlenecks, and export detailed reports for your meetings.

Andon system

React Instantly

React immediately by alerting supervisors through SMS, email, notifications or giant screen alerts.

For You and Your Teams

Each hierarchical level in your business benefits from a user interface specifically designed to meet its unique needs.

Mockup showing the Industrial Intelligence application on a laptop, illustrating the functionality of timelines with different machine states.

Approved by Manufacturers

Discover how companies transform their performance by integrating Intelligence Industrielle into their processes.


Reduced Downtime

Industrial Intelligence operator tablet showing the operating status of a machine with performance indicators, a time diagram, and a rate of performance.

Reduction in Non-Compliant Production


Increased Production Rate

Machine operator in blue safety uniform working on an industrial machine in a factory.
We were looking for a ready-to-use solution to support our employees. Industrial Intelligence provided an adaptable, turnkey solution with comprehensive assistance.

Sandee Noonan

Senior Director at Enduride

Not Our First Rodeo

Turnkey integration in 5 weeks

Exploratory Meeting

We will perform a comprehensive diagnosis of your plant and demonstrate our solutions to identify the best opportunities for improvement.

Project launch

We gather all the informations to adapt our solution to your business's reality. A dedicated project manager will ensure governance and monitoring.

Connecting Your Machines

We connect your machines, whether old or new. We perform a connectivity study and ensure the complete connection of your equipments for seamless integration.

Configuring Interfaces

We configure your interfaces so that they are intuitive and adapted to your operations. Our mission is to facilitate the use and adoption of the solution by your teams.

Delivery and Training

We deliver the complete solution and train your teams for effective change management. You will be fully autonomous in configuring and using our solutions without needing our continuous assistance.

Connect Your Factory

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